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Why Turquoise?














Why Turquoise?


Turquoise shoes are designed and made in Istanbul by a team of shoe makers and dancers who bring together an understanding of anatomy with a dancer's experience as to what feels good on the dance floor. All shoes are made of high quality leather with excellent craftmanship and attention to detail, combining high stability and durability with eye-catching style. Half sizes ensure a perfect fit to each dancer. Many unique models are available that accentuate each dancer's beauty and individuality. Turquoise shoes are distinguished not only by their elegance and breathtaking visual appeal, but also by their extraordinary comfort that will allow you to dance into the wee hours of the morning.


  What do customers say?


"I'm over-the-moon in love with my new shoes! Thanks, for making this brand so accessible. Truly, nothng else compares in function or fashion." (Elizabeth O.)


A photo and a note by a happy customer in her new Turquoise shoes: "I love them and they are absolutely gorgeous, I get so exited each time I put them on and can't take my eyes off them." (Erica Z.)