TangoAffair - Simonida's Biography

Simonida tango teacher and performer in Boston


Photo © David Liu, www.daylightpix.com


Simonida started dancing and teaching tango in San Francisco. She has intensely studied tango in Buenos Aires with a variety of  notable teachers, developing her own unique 'signature'. Among her strongest inspirations are Carlos Gavito, Ezequiel and Geraldine Paludi, Natacha Poberaj, Jorge Dispari & Maria del Carmen (Villa Urquiza style). In her teaching and social dance, Simonida focuses on connection and expressive dancing in close embrace. She also emphasizes delicacies of feet placement, adornments, elegance, long lines, sensuality, and dramatic expression through contrast between dynamic moves and pauses.

In 2003 she moved to Boston and since then has been regularly teaching tango classes at MIT that are open to the general public. In 2007 she started teaching MIT students through the Department of Physical Education at MIT. She has been frequently invited to teach across the US and abroad.  In addition to offering regular group tango classes, she is a sought-after tango teacher for private lessons and choreographies for special occasions. 

Previous training in ballet. Since 2005 host and DJ of Vida Mia in Somerville. Also co-hosted and DJ-ed “More Tuesday Milonga”in Cambridge in 2010/2011, and has been guest DJ at numerous events in the area. Holds a Doctorate in Law from Munich, Germany, and a Master of the Science of Law from Stanford University.


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