Simonida is a Boston-based Argentine tango teacher who offers regular group and private lessons for individuals and couples of all levels. She started dancing and teaching tango in San Francisco. In her extensive and frequent visits to Buenos Aires she has intensely studied tango with a variety of notable teachers, developing her own unique ‘signature’. Among her strongest inspirations are Natalia Games & Gabriel Angio, Carlos Gavito, and Jorge Dispari & Maria del Carmen.

In 2003 she moved to Boston and since then has been regularly teaching tango classes at MIT that are open to the general public. In 2007 she started teaching MIT students through the Department of Physical Education at MIT. In addition to regular tango classes Simonida also offers private instruction and choreographies for special occasions.

Since 2005 she has been the host and house-DJ of the popular Vida Mia Milonga in Somerville, MA, in which in more than a decade many notable Argentine tango performers, guest-DJs and -teachers have been featured. She has organized tango seminars for numerous visiting tango teachers. Holds a Doctorate in Law from Munich, Germany, and a Master of the Science of Law from Stanford University. Formerly in academia, Simonida became one of the first professional tango instructors in the US.

Growing up with tango, Simonida’s son, Sveta, was passionate about the dance from an early age, and started learning at home and taking group classes with his mother. In 2017, he took his first trip to Buenos Aires, together with his parents and his sister. Since then, he has continued making regular trips with his mother to study and dance tango. In 2018, he started dancing demonstrations, and since then has performed at milongas in Boston, NYC, NJ, and Buenos Aires (see below). He now regularly teaches with his mother.






Our YouTube channel:

Selected Dances:

Simonida & Sveta: Catamarca (Di Sarli)

Simonida & Sveta: Color cielo (Juan D’Arienzo)

Simonida & Sveta: El flete, Juan D’Arienzo

Simonida & Sveta: Silueta porteña (Francisco Canaro / Roberto Maida)

Simonida & Sveta: Otra noche (Di Sarli / Podestá)


Selected Performances:

Sveta with Analia Centurion: Parque Patricios, milonga, (Canaro/Fama)

Sveta with Carolina Jaurena, Boston: No mientas (D’Arienzo / Echagüe)

Sveta with Carolina Jaurena, NYC: Recuerdo (Pugliese)

Sveta with Analía Centurión, Buenos Aires: Dichas que viví, vals (Biagi / Falgas)

Sveta with Simonida: Boston, MA: Color cielo (Juan D’Arienzo)

Sveta with Simonida, NJ: Decime que pasó (Di Sarli / Rufino)

Sveta with Simonida, NJ: Noches de colón (Tanturi / Castillo)

Sveta with Simonida, NJ: Se dice de mí (Quinteto Pirincho)